That's what's in our name - now a bit about us today.

From the very early days of Home Spun Tours, I started using the customer suggested tag line, "more of what you're going for".  It really does put into a simple phrase exactly what we are; often more days, usually more meals and always more attractions/shows.  
Our feeling is that most of you will only take a particular tour one time.  We don't want you to go home hungry.

While we use products and services of many to operate a tour, we realized a long time ago there is only one responsible party...Home Spun Tours.  "I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but we were on a Home Spun Tour!" or " It took an hour to get our bags delivered, I don't remember the hotel, but we were on a Home Spun Tour."  Do you see what what I mean?

Our years of experience with our providers give us the assurance that you and us will get what we paid for.  We know what's around the corner or just down the road.  Our on board experiences will certainly enhance your tour.  

I suspect you have questions and we're anxious to answer them.  We've never printed comments of our tour members; suffice it to say there are thousands of folks that have taken numerous tours with Home Spun.  We'd be happy to refer you to a past tour member that has taken the tour(s) you are interested in.

Thanks again for your interest.  We hope to....See 'ya on Board!

Home Spun Tours

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