So, what's in a name?
Why Home Spun Tours?  I can't tell you how many times I've answered that question.  Yes, it's unusual.  To many, it suggests a bus load of little old ladies with long, sharp needles.  Well, I guess they're half right.

When I was but a lad, some sixty years ago, my family - I am from Richland Center, Wisconsin - made two trips a year in the Oldsmobile to my grandparents' in Ohio - Delaware, Ohio.  One of the many favorite remembrances of those trips was when I was allowed to play with the spinning wheel in grandma's sun parlor.  No, I was not a child prodigy spinner, I was the captain on my ship, behind the wheel, steering us all to who knows where.  Grandma remembered, and in her will was my spinning wheel.  It's been in a prominent location in my home as long as I can remember.

Twenty-six years ago I was working for a tour company in Eau Claire and like many of you, came to the conclusion that I could do it better.  So, I began putting itineraries together along with a marketing plan.  Next, I needed a name.  "Bill's Tours" was kind of hokey, "On the Road Again Tours" was suggested, as were others.

So, here's where it came from.  Next to my fireplace sat the spinning wheel.  My first thought was to use the fireplace, "Trails from the Hearth" would have been it.  But there's that family spinning wheel, and I'm thinking, I'm planning all this at home.  I'm telling a tale, spinning a web - whoa - at Home, Spinning a web - HOME SPUN!  Ad I use the spinning wheel as the logo!

But that was 26+ years ago, if I had to do it all over again I'd picked another name...I'll tell 'ya about it on your next tour!

See 'ya on Board,