In August of 2014 I handed the "wheel" to my son Josh. 

My daughter Sheila handles all of our transportation arrangements and documents.  Sheila, the mother of my grandchildren, also hosts an occasional tour when her kids want her out of the house. 


In addition to customer relations and reservations, Louise is our "word perfect" go-to person for all of our documents.  She also winds our clock every morning.

Cora anchors our front line.  Her's is the first face to greet you and the first voice you often hear on the phone. If you need a detailed explanation, you want to talk to Cora. 
Not pictured is Mary Ann Henrich. Mary Ann never showed up for her picture because she was hosting another Home Spun Tour. 
Werner Ennen, also not pictured, is in charge of Home Spun's international departures. Werner also hosts continental motorcoach tours for HST.