Why take a group tour??

I could probably do this like David Letterman's "Top ten reasons to take a group tour"...but I won't.

I guess I'd begin with age....for the most part, senior citizens take hosted group tours.  Why?  They don't want to drive, they want lodging, attractions and meal arrangements (included or on your own) to be included, they want to travel with friends or meet new friends.

I wish I had kept trace in the 40+ years I've been doing this the number of times I heard this, "My husband drove, he never wanted to stop, we just drove by.  We ate at fast food drive up windows and stayed in motels off the beaten path that had not already sold out."  Does that sound familiar?

Today's motor coaches have airbag suspension, a restroom, sound and video, reclining seats and very capable drivers.  Itineraries are planned for senior citizen pace.  Rest, meal and lodging stops are pre-arranged.  Tour managers see to all the details--they'll even tell husbands "We're staying here".

We've taken the work out of your vacation, all you have to do is pack (and we even have suggestions for what to pack).

I think I should rephrase the intro, "Why wouldn't you take a group tour?"

Note:  I must be fair, in my 40+ years; I can honestly say "motor coach tours are not for everybody".