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posted Jul 17, 2015, 9:37 AM by Sheila Richards
Monday, August 17 - Friday, August 21
DEPOSIT OF $100.00 PER PERSON ON MOTORCOACH TOURS IS REQUIRED WITHIN APPROXIMATELY 7 DAYS OF MAKING YOUR RESERVATION Our 2014 Mystery Tour hosted 270 folks on five sold-out coaches. To celebrate our 25th year, we chose to stay in Wisconsin, using the same resort for all four nights lodging. For most, the not having to pack/unpack/pack was welcome. To my knowledge only a couple of folks…what’s the percentage?...were disappointed that we didn’t go further and see more. I explained we wanted this to be more of a “social” mystery tour, not one to see how far from home we could go. It was a lot of fun and we were pleased with your acceptance. Now it’s time to hit the road again – three states the first day, only a couple of nights in the same lodging. Yeah, we’re back to packin’ and unpacking. It’s actually the first time Josh and I have agreed on our destination before we printed the catalog. It’s got some stuff in it we’d never thought of and I am excited for the experience…you will be too! 
This tour includes: Tour inclusions: Motor coach, experienced tour managers, 4 nights lodging, ALL MEALS (13), all attractions and entertainment.. Baggage handling for one suitcase (per-person) at all lodging.

Price per person:
$1,035.00/per person$1,020.00/per person$995.00/per person$1,295.00/per person